BOO: Go Green this Halloween

Four Ways to Go Green this Halloween

1. Make reusable treat bags for the younger crowd in your family.Treat bags can made from old pillowcases, fabric or gallon-size ice cream buckets. Decorate them with reflective tape, fabric paint, glitter, or felt cutout shapes. These can be reused and redecorated for years to come.

2. Instead of purchasing overpriced plastic and rubber masks, utilize makeup and face paint that you may already have around the house. You can even make your own face paint by combining cornstarch, solid shortening, and food color (optional). With a little time and patience, the perfect faux mask can be created.

3. Organize a costume swap with a group of people. Invite friends, family, and coworkers to a “costume swap” party night. Send invitations that include details to bring any old costumes they might have stashed around their house. Spend an evening mixing and matching costumes until everyone is geared up and ready for the holiday season.

4. Go to a local thrift store with a huge selection of not-so-fashionable clothing and see if anything jumps out at you. If you're totally stuck for ideas, time, or money and you have a friend who has a job with a very recognizable uniform such as fast food cashier or delivery person, ask to borrow their uniform. People will be doing double-takes all night!

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