Tesla Tackles Affordability

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On Tuesday Tesla is set to unveil its newest model, the X. The car was previewed in 2012 and will be making its way into people’s driveways this week. Well, it will be making it into the people’s driveways that preordered the electric SUV, three years ago. It is interesting to watch the evolution of electronic vehicle as it has transformed from an environmentally conscious choice to a status symbol.

The Model X will only set you back $132,000 and the Signature Series is the only version available currently. It comes equipped with a third row of seats and falcon doors – surely a stylish ride in which to be dropped off for school. The functionality of the battery has increased to allow drivers a 240 mile range per charge, which will certainly attract another demographic of buyers. The company has yet to release the standard pricing of the vehicle and does not reflect local and federal taxes. However, they do have plans to roll out an option geared toward smaller budgets. The Model 3 will begin production in 2017 and starts out at a reasonable $35,000.


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