The Daily Cartoon: Part Two

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The Daily Cartoon consistently manages to put a humorous, albeit sometimes twisted, spin on current events.  As I am sure you all have heard, this winter was one for the records.  Record highs were set in many states, intense floods ensued in the midwest, and California is finally seeing snow after a 5-year drought.  Through the medium of cartoon art, the New Yorker makes a point about the strange weather patterns -- a point that is accessible to a wide audience.  

If you look closely at the picture, the character who uses weather as an excuse to postpone outdoor exercise looks to be living in a tropical paradise.  Or simply the East Coast this Christmas.  At home in Pawleys Island we saw temperatures reach 80 degrees.  Though I generally do not complain about pleasant weather, to have such high temperatures in the winter does not bode well.  

What were the temperatures like in your hometowns this holiday season?  Do you think that cartoons are an effective means of creating conversation around the topic of climate change?  Let's chat about it in the comment section below!


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