Spring 2016: Check Us Out in Charleston Weddings

Today, as I was walking up the sidewalk to my friend's apartment I spotted the prettiest orange poppy, and couldn't resist picking it to brighten up her kitchen.  It was a lovely reminder that today was the first day of Spring and all the things that come with it - longer evenings, flowers, warm weather, and wedding season.

Now here is my shameless plug to encourage our readers to check out the most recent issue of Charleston Weddings Magazine.  Not only is there valuable information regarding all things wedding-related, but also, they feature Swell Vision.  The Southern style of our shades and watches are in line with the editor's fashion choices for this wedding season.  If you are attending nuptials, our glasses and watches are both wonderful choices for accessorizing -- especially if the celebration is outdoors.  They are not a bad gift to accompany the bride and groom for their honeymoon getaway, either.  

Check out the new styles we have in for the Spring 2016 Season! 


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