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Have a SWELL School Year!

Have a SWELL School Year!

Going back to school is a great opportunity to incorporate sustainable habits into your routine. Here are some tips for a sustainable back-to-school experience:

  • Opt for reusable school supplies: Instead of using disposable items, choose reusable alternatives. For example, use a refillable water bottle instead of buying bottled water, opt for a sturdy lunchbox instead of disposable bags, and use refillable pens and pencils.
  • Pack eco-friendly lunches: Prepare waste-free lunches by using reusable containers, cloth napkins, and stainless steel cutlery. Minimize single-use packaging by buying in bulk and packing snacks in reusable containers.
  • Choose sustainable school bags: Look for backpacks made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton or recycled materials. Avoid bags with excessive packaging and opt for durable, long-lasting options.
  • Reduce paper waste: Use digital resources whenever possible. Take notes on your laptop or tablet, use online textbooks, and submit assignments electronically. If printing is necessary, print double-sided and use recycled or responsibly sourced paper.
  • Practice energy conservation: Turn off lights and electronic devices when not in use. Unplug chargers when they are not actively charging, as they still consume energy when left plugged in.
  • Use sustainable transportation: Whenever feasible, choose walking, biking, or public transportation to commute to school. If you live far from school, try carpooling with classmates or participate in a school bus program.
  • Buy secondhand or borrow textbooks: Consider buying used textbooks or renting them instead of purchasing new ones. This reduces the demand for new resources and helps minimize waste.
  • Join or start an eco-club: Get involved in environmental initiatives at your school. Join an existing club or start one if it doesn't exist. Collaborate with fellow students to organize events and initiatives that promote sustainability.
  • Recycle and compost: Take the time to learn about recycling and composting options at your school. Properly separate waste and encourage others to do the same. If your school doesn't have a composting program, consider advocating for one.
  • Educate and raise awareness: Share your knowledge about sustainability with your peers and teachers. Organize presentations, workshops, or awareness campaigns to promote eco-friendly practices within your school community.

Remember, small changes can make a big difference. By incorporating these sustainable tips into your back-to-school routine, you'll be helping to create a more environmentally friendly learning environment.


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