How To Care for Bamboo Products

Swell Vision products are handcrafted with the highest quality bamboo, strongest plant-based acetate, and most precise workings.

In order to keep your products at their best condition, make sure you care for them in the right way. 


Apparel and Accessories

Over time, the bamboo fiber, organic cotton, and hemp fabrics will wear naturally, adding unique character to your shirts, boxers and fabric watch bands. 


In order to protect your Swell Vision shades when not in use, we suggest that you place them in the protective microfiber bag and return them to the bamboo case provided with your purchase. 



Keep your timepiece ticking by avoiding too much exposure to water and weather, and make sure to put it away in the bamboo box for safekeeping.



    If you keep these tips in mind, your Swell Vision products should age like a fine wine. They will only improve and each piece will develop a character unique to the experience you have shared with Swell.

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