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Light Pollution

Light Pollution

We’re all aware of air, water and ground pollution but did you know about light pollution? 

Light pollution is the excess use of artificial light and can have serious consequences for mankind, wildlife and even our climate.

Light pollution did not exist billions of years ago when our planet’s light source was the sun, the moon and the stars.  As industry advanced, it generated light pollution from street lights, commercial building, factories, sports venues…you get the idea.  These sources tend to use lighting inefficiently and the electricity generated to power this lighting is being wasted.

According to the IDA - International Dark-Sky Association, there are several components of light pollution.

  • Glare– excessive brightness that causes visual discomfort and cause safety issues
  • Skyglow– brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas
  • Light trespass– light falling where it is not intended or needed
  • Clutter– bright, confusing and excessive groupings of light sources

Unless you have the luxury of living in a remote location or you have visited one of our International Dark-Sky Parks,  you can witness light pollution in the night sky of your very own back yard.  Here is a nifty map from NASA Blue Marble Navigator to view the artificial lights in your city. 

The excess and widespread use of artificial lighting is polluting our global skies causing an increase in energy consumption.  It is meddling with our wildlife & ecosystems and can even effect the health of mankind by disrupting our Circadian Rhythm and the production of the hormone melatonin. 

So do your part to reduce artificial light pollution with simple measures like closing your curtains or blinds in the evening,  using timers on inside lights, and installing motion sensors on outside lighting. 

Help spread the word about this hidden pollutant
so the next generation can experience a healthier
“Starry–Starry Night!”
Mother Earth thanks you!


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