Sustainability Series: Meatless Mondays, Vegan Tuna

There are many ways to be kind to the environment, but not all of them are as talked about as recycling, reducing waste, and reusing. One way to reduce your carbon footprint in a major way is to reduce the amount of meat you consume.  Though I am no health nut, and I am certainly not vegetarian or vegan, I do appreciate simple decisions that can make a positive impact on the planet.  One of those ways is Meatless Monday, which my sorority sister got me hooked on while we were studying at UVA.  By eliminating meat just one day per week we all can reduce the demand, the pollution, and methane emissions produced by livestock.

This weekend I tried the best vegan pizza; it was homemade and I couldn't believe the simplicity of it coupled with the amazing flavor palate.  I am talking about cashew-based Alfredo, with mushrooms and spinach; and pesto, tomato that was so satisfying you didn't miss the cheese. One Green Planet is an awesome place to explore alternative recipes, both vegan and vegetarian.  You can use these and get together with your neighbors, a group of girl friends, or have cooking date with yourself and plan your meals for the Meatless Monday tradition.  If you are looking for something both festive for fall, here is an interesting assortment of seasonal sushi, that will fit right into your eco-friendly and heart healthy diet plan.  

If you think that the idea of vegan fish is a bit crazy, bear with me. Vegan sushi has been coming up a bit lately, namely because Whole Foods has picked up on the trend. They are shelving at select locations, Ahimi, a vegan product from Ocean Hugger Foods.  It mimics raw tuna using cooked Roma tomatoes flavored with umami-laden ingredients like soy sauce and sesame oil. Some Whole Foods stores in New York and Los Angeles are using it in vegan nigiri sushi and California rolls. Ocean Hugger nailed the color and texture of tuna, and you may be won over after trying Ahimi in sushi: Ahimi, $11.99 for nigiri combinations, $8.99 for California roll starting Wednesday from Whole Foods sushi counters at all Manhattan and Brooklyn stores.

Please comment below other ideas for Meatless Monday recipes or how you can modify your diet to make a positive impact on the environment.  Eat green and stay Swell, my friends.

November 06, 2017 by Laura Saum

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