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Littering Says a Lot About You

"In these days and times, there is no excuse for littering or illegal trash dumping in developed countries. There are proper places and procedures in place to get rid of unwanted material and waste. In all cases, it is some combination of ignorance and laziness that results in littering or dumping. Simply put... stupid people litter." "Are you tired of people littering and dumping in your city or neighborhood?Here at Litter-Bug.org, YOU can post your witness account, description, evidence of Littering and Dumping! Neighbors, communities, and law enforcement can use Litter-Bug.org data to help prevent and deter future littering and possibly catch perpetrators of illegal dumping activity." ~ Litter-Bug.org We couldn't have said it any better than they did @ Litter-Bug.org! Do...

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Did you know that the very first Earth Day was on April, 22, 1970?  It is now 2021 and the Earth Day holiday is 51 years old! The mission of this holiday was to educate the public about environmental issues and to force these issues onto a national agenda. In 1962, Rachel Carson’s best seller Silent Spring brought attention to the dangers of pesticide use and in  1969, a fire on the Cuyahog River near Cleveland brought chemical waste disposal to the forefront. Before that time there was no such thing as the EPA, no Clean Air or Water act, and no legal or regulatory protections in place for our environment.  Thanks to Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson,  who was one...

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