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Why plastic is at the center of every climate change discussion

Today industries continue producing and pushing plastic as an option. However, the consumers are becoming more educated and concerned about the source - and the destiny - of the products they buy. This creates the perfect opportunity to reshape our relationship with plastic. If we stop buying it, we will be sending a powerful message to those industries that they might be willing to acknowledge.

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Bali says bye-bye to single-use plastic bags, straws, and polystyrene

Bali government announced the ban on all single-use plastic bags, straws, and polystyrene becoming the first province in Indonesia to do so. This result was only possible thanks to a group of students at Green School that created the project Bye Bye Plastic Bags. Inspired by their teacher, Isabel and Melati have been leading a youth movement to rid Bali of single-use plastic bags.

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