Think Sustainable this Holiday Season

It is estimated that enough wrapping paper is used each year to gift wrap the island of Guernsey (located in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy.) 

Alternatively, use brown Kraft paper and twine with a few twigs of eucalyptus tucked into the string – it’s both sustainable and beautiful!  Speaking of sustainable and beautiful, our Swell Vision products and their cases make great sustainable gifts that need no wrapping!

Consider a pot grown living Christmas Tree and "spruce" it up  with ornaments made from natural biodegradable materials. Keep in mind the 12 Days of Christmas Rule...they should only stay indoors for 12 days.  After that it may begin to wilt and die so be sure to transplant it outside.  Depending on the age of the tree, you can dig it up and reuse it next year!  Or you can simply decorate a large house plant. 

Send an e-Christmas card and for those who can't receive an e-card, pick up the phone.  I'm sure they will be filled with Joy to receive a personal greeting!  If you are feeling ambitious, make your very own DYI plant-able Christmas Card but if not, be sure to send one that is made of recycled materials and glitter.



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