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The History of Shades

Sunglasses are both an accessory and necessity for people today. You can pick up a pair for quick convenience at your local drugstore, or spend hours selecting the right pair from an expensive retailer. If you really want to invest in eyewear, Google Glass comes with shades. However, sunglasses as we know them did not exist until the 1960s. Tinted lenses were originally used to conceal expressions in a courtroom. Later it was believed that colored lenses could be utilized as a corrective tool for vision. Finally, in 1929, Foster Grant introduced sunglasses as an accessory in Atlantic City, NJ. With World War II came the introduction of aviator sunglasses. Ray-Ban created a model of aviators that were provided to...

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Eco-Friendly Education

The Swell team recently returned from a trip to Bali, Indonesia, where a partnership was solidified between Swell Shades and Green School.   After reviewing a variety of charities with eco-friendly initiatives, Mitchell decided to cultivate a relationship with Green School. The team was incredibly excited about the emphasis on education in conjunction with environmental consciousness purported by Green School’s vision of, “a natural, holistic, student-centered learning environment that empowers and inspires our students to be creative, innovative, green leaders.”             During the trip Mitchell presented to the school and its founders, engaged with Green School students, and explored the rainforests of Bali. When my brother returned stateside, and I picked him up from the airport in San Francisco and he...

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When Weight Matters

Our family has always been avid about the outdoors. We have home videos – actual VHS tapes – of my brothers and me playing in nature (or maybe it was of me pushing my brothers off of a fallen log, crowning myself Queen of the Tree). One of my most memorable adventures was a two week stint backpacking on the Appalachian Trail, through the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. This was my first true experience immersed in nature for an extended period of time. We trekked miles each day, each carrying a large pack with all of the possessions we would need for the trip. As a fifteen year old girl, my definition of necessity was vastly different before...

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