The Tide is High, Are we Holding On?

Climate change is a hot button topic, and not just for politicians. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, 2014 brought with it the highest ocean temperatures we have seen on record. This infographic illustrates the sharp increase in water temperatures over the recent years, and NOAA has actually had to rescale this chart to showcase the data. Why are ocean temperatures relevant, you ask?

Well, for starters, 90% of the global warming heat is stored in these great bodies of water. Also, consider the increase in ocean level, as polar ice caps continue to melt. This is a self-perpetuating cycle that is difficult to reverse, and it could leave towns and cities submerged. Additionally, melt zones are rising in mountainous areas, causing many ski resorts to close up shop early this season. Not only will this change affect the economy, and our options for hitting the slopes, but also the increasing temperatures will lead to more frequent landslides. Speaking of natural disasters, warmer oceans are the breeding ground for hurricanes of the likes of Katrina.

As if you needed another reason to recycle and go green? If you’re interested in reading more about global warming, here is an in-depth, informative piece.

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