1946 – The Netherlands Center for Culture was established.  Their title was a nondescript title for the then prohibited purpose.

1969 – The Stonewall Riots – NYC police raid on the Stonewall Inn in NYC Greenwich Village resulting in protest riots.

1970 – First Official Pride Parade – The Christopher Street Liberation Parade was organized by the infamous Brenda Howard, supporters marched from NYC’s Greenwich Village to Central Park.  It is now known as the  New York City Pride March and has influenced many similar parades worldwide.

1978 – The Rainbow Flag  - Harvey Milk enlisted the designer, Gilbert Baker, to design an all-encompassing symbol which debuted at the San Francisco Pride March in 1978

1999 – Official Pride Month Recognition –Bill Clinton, was the first US President to recognize Pride Month

2009 – 2016 – Official Pride Month Declaration – Barak Obama officially declared June as LGBT Pride Month

2018 – Same Sex Marriage Rights – US Supreme Court denotes same-se marriages legal in all 50 US states.


Great strides have been made for the equality of the LGBT community over the years.  We encourage you to remain openminded and informed in these historic times. 

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