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Sustainable life: you don't need to protect the planet.

Sustainable life: you don't need to protect the planet.

Your sustainable life has nothing to do with the planet.


Maybe we should give you a conscious speech about sustainable life. 'Cause, it’s Earth’s Day, again. It’s actually the 50th time we are celebrating this occasion.

What if we went like “We need to protect the Earth,” “Be good to the Planet,” “Take care of the oceans,” “Save the rainforest,” or “Protect endangered species.”

Then you’d respond with something like “Why should I care about that when there is so much going on?”

And you are right. It is ok not to protect the planet. 


Humans have been around for 50,000 years. Within that time, we discovered and created lots of things. Weapons, the printing press, planes, computers, as well as the phone on which you are reading this. We made castles, bridges, houses, buildings, and rockets. Which other species has accomplished what humans have? None. Zero. Not to sound too arrogant, but that is exactly why we are the most important and relevant species on the planet.  


Also humans: Everything we accomplished in the past fifty thousand years is collapsing due to a piece of protein that is half dead. And it is happening in the length of, say, three months? That equals 0.000005% of the time we’ve been on Earth. Is any other species losing everything so fast? None. Zero. 


So, if you don’t care about the planet that is totally fine because -- news flash -- the Planet doesn’t care about you either. 


The Earth has been around way longer than we have. It dealt with being a complete fireball, as well as a total iceball. It initially had only one continent, that turned into two, that turned into five.  Humans took this opportunity to differentiate themselves between people of the same species as groups began to evolve physically apart from one another. They even built some stupid stories about some being better than others simply because of where they were born. Yeah, imagination and stupidity are two great achievements of humankind. 

The Planet managed to get rid of dinosaurs. Want to know what the Earth could not get rid of? Bugs. Yeah, they really rule the world. They are pretty much the same as they were in the beginning. Take that Tyrannosaurus Rex!


So, if you are ok with tearing down the trees, fine.

Throwing plastic to the ocean? Fine.

Getting rid of a few animals or plants? Fine. 

Throwing tons of carbon into the atmosphere? ABSOLUTELY FINE.

You don’t care, the Earth doesn’t care.


Maybe, just maybe, it will be your house that will be destroyed because there were no trees to stop the flood.

Or a relative doesn’t get the vaccine they need against a new whatever “virobacteria” appears. 

If we are lucky, we may live long enough to see how we get grilled by the heat, just before the melting poles flood everything (including the fancy cars we used to drive half a mile to Target instead of walking).


In just a short matter of Earth time, humans could be totally and completely wiped out. 

Who will still be here? The Planet. And probably the bugs. 


But wait! Not everything is lost. We just need to begin tweaking our perspective. Our strength is to understand how fragile we are. 

The good news is we can improve a lot. We have experience growing and refining ourselves, probably more than any other species. 


It is up to us to protect ourselves. 

By not bringing so much plastic to the environment. 

By taking care of those last twelve red wolves struggling to keep the species alive so we can have some diversity if we need it.

By being conscious that a sustainable life is our way to protect our families, not The Earth. 

So, next time you are about to throw away garbage, or decide to buy a new outfit, or choose to drive five different cars when you could realistically all travel in the same one, keep an eye on who you may be hurting. Hint hint, it may be your future self.


Let’s just be a little bit more conscious and fix those little things we can in our everyday life. Take the time to curate a sustainable life. 


Let’s not celebrate The Earth Day, but Another Day of Us On Earth Day. 

And show how much you care, with simple actions.  You don’t have to do much, but take a minute to think about how much it means. To you, your family, your friends.

And the bugs, maybe. 



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