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Space trips and sustainable life.

Space trips and sustainable life.

 Sustainable space travel and sustainable life

The sustainable rocket is in the space. After postponing it a few days, the joint mission between NASA and Space X has made it. With pieces that land back on Earth, this is the first trip that is not leaving tons of space detritus. 

Isn’t it thrilling? Didn’t you feel like a child again, watching those astronauts getting ready, the final “4-3-2-1…” and all that fancy space-traveling stuff going on live on YouTube and TV?

Maybe the images were not that impressive to you, if you are an astronaut.

But for most people it was amazing. And what is mind-blowing is that this is the first step into the man’s trip to Mars. We are witnessing the birth of a new era. Lots of sci-fi books and films will become naive stories once our species sets foot on the red planet. 

We should be proud. Still, there’s a certain “Nah…” feeling. You see, it is an amazing tech progress we are making. This idea of “sustainable spaceships” that can land back on Earth. But the reasons for this progress are a bit, uhm… frustrating? 

When asked about his motivations in trying to get to Mars, Elon Musk, our 21st. Century Da Vinci with his own Mona Lisa grin, says that the Earth will soon be unlivable. Therefore, we need to start over on a new planet. This brings us to a deep philosophical question:

DUDE, SEROUSLY? <= (expression not addressed to Mr. Musk, but to YOU a.k.a. US)

We are moving to another planet because we weren’t able to keep this one slightly tidy?

This is what it sounds like: 

“Hey, I am moving to a new home” 

“Congratulations! How did you make this decision?”

“Oh, you know, I smashed the furniture, burnt the curtains, dropped plastic bottles in the sink and now it’s clogged. I just didn’t feel like buying food for my dog so I thought that feeding him paint and a pair of rubber soles would be fine. To my big surprise, it died. But hey, I didn’t want to move my big fat a(beep!)s from the couch so after a few days it started to stink. And I thought maybe moving somewhere else would solve these thingies.”

But to a planetary scale.  

If that’s the solution, it is quite probable that we will destroy Mars as well. And then Jupiter, Saturn, the whole System. 

Until the Sun decides to quit and turns himself off because it cannot tolerate our interplanetary stupidity. 

And here’s the extra thing: Once a spaceship is ready to go to Mars, we won’t all fit into it. There is a big chance you (and us) get to stay on this planet. Unless, like, you own Jeff Bezos and can afford a ticket on that ship. 

So what do we get? Let’s just take care of our current planet. Let's keep watching these amazing launches, seeing how technology is improved and what we are capable of doing. The good stuff, obviously, we’ve seen the other. 

Let’s not clog the oceans with plastic. Or smash rainforest, or simply keep our place tidy. 

We can behave sustainably and coexist long enough to make our species survive up to the point we can all share some interplanetary trips. 

For fun. 

A sustainable life. Shouldn't we give it a shot? 



Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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