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How sustainable clothing can help you get through Father's Day.

sustainable fashion for men

Father's Day is coming. As every brand tries to show how much they care, we decided to, well... do the same.

So we got together (sort of) and, once we solved all the video and audio problems in our Zoom accounts, we discovered a couple of trends every father follows during this great non-invented-by-companies-to-sell-you-anything day.

Ideally, we should with a “Top 10 trends for Father’s Day” article.

But we also know you just want to rush down this email to find the special discount code, so we’ll keep it short.


C’mon, you don’t see your parents that often. Would it hurt to receive them in your house and spend the day with them?

Okay, you went out last night. Had a couple of beers. Maybe 3, 4… 37.

And the following day, they are knocking at your door. Too early for your expectations. And what’s left of your liver.

So, nothing better than loud voices and tons of light. It’s either in your yard, or inside, with all the blinds up because “how can you live in the dark all the time”.

You try to protect your eyes while trying to listen, answer and find some coffee leftovers to at least stop the buzz in your head. You wonder why you didn’t choose to visit them instead. And it all comes back at you.

Do your eyes hurt?  Our marketing team has prepared this amazing solution for this kind of situations.

FLASHBACK: Previous Year.

You were supposed to arrive by 12:00, but you wanted to add an extra little gift and stopped in a Target nearby.

You made it to your parents home by 12:07. That means: LATE.

Even though you try hard to explain, it just doesn’t matter. Your mother worries about your ability to be on time and it may affect your work life.

Meanwhile, your dad says nothing, but stares at his 30 pound plastic and iron watch and looks at you.

It is not the situation that keeps your mind busy but a strong recurring thought: “How does my dad put up with so much weight on his arm all the time?"

So you realize there is an option. Your day turns brighter as wisdom illuminates you. Or it is just around noon and the windows are open. Anyway, you can give your father a light, sustainable watch as a present.



What’s better than a barbecue in your backyard? A barbecue that keeps commentators at least six feet away from the cook. It is great to share experiences, until you get “that guy who points with his beverage finger” to show he has better techniques. Not only that, but he also gives tons of suggestions.

So the fact that only the person in charge of the barbecue will be next to the grill gives some hope.

Who is that person? Usually, your Father. It is a great moment for him to show how much he cares for everyone and make them his special pork ribs or burgers. He is happy, knowing he can totally ignore suggestions coming from six feet apart pretending he can’t hear that far.

There he is, turning pieces of meat, with his open shirt and his moisturized belly popping out. Smiling.

And you get that feeling. Not that one. THAT ONE.

You use the fact that you share the same blood to get closer to him and whisper: “Dad, please, button your shirt”.

He will give you a quick glance, go back to his grill, smiling and nodding tapping a rhythm against his belly with one hand, as he turns a burger with the other.

organic cotton shirts

You know it is a lost battle. It’s Sunday, it’s about being comfortable instead of suffering the heat under a 60% polyester - 55% nylon shirt. Yeah, those “above 100% plastic” made shirts.

Can you blame him? Nope.

Can you help him? Of course. You could totally give him a nice 100% organic cotton shirt. To be comfy and prepare the BBQ without exposing his belly and chest to the sparks.



Summer afternoons are hot. And daddy knows. That’s why he likes to stay in watching a movie or the rerun of a football game from the times before pandemics. And he wants to do it properly. So he aims the fan to the couch, grabs a cold beer and sits for more than two hours like a king. Like a king in his underwear. Because it’s hot.

Yes take your time, picture the scene in your mind: Dad is having a beer, fully focused on the screen, while he eventually moves his thighs to unstick them from the cushions.

Do you think this is gross? Well, actually not that much.

You don’t have to lose perspective. Wearing synthetic underwear, thighs are the least sweaty part of his body against the couch.

So there you go:

You won’t find that wooden bench that uncomfortable when you need to sit. For the rest of your life.

organic cotton underwear
So, as you see, we come across lots of problems in our everyday life. But one of the things we need to do, is think about how to change some habits. Wether it is about a present for your father, or what to do with your waste, it is time to come with creative alternatives. That is also part of leading a sustainable life.
Have a Swell Week!





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