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5 tips to save energy in your everyday life.

5 tips to save energy in your everyday life.

Are you ready to save the planet?

If your answer is “Uhmmm… yeah’, “I guess so”, or just a plain “What? Me? Alone?”, then you’re probably not.

And guess what: IT-IS-OK. 



It feels like a huge thing. The good news is: If we can’t save the planet, at least we can make it last longer. 


The whole planet may seem a bit too much, but there are smaller parts of our lives where each of us can help. Like our homes. There are plenty of things you can do to have a sustainable life without sacrifice.


Reduce your home energy.

Don’t worry, this is not one of those “let’s go back to the seventeenth century, to live with candles, to the mercy of either and possibly dying of old age at 23, because of some bug that was totally preventable with any basic vaccine.”

Nope. We are talking about saving energy in a clever way. Which will also help you save some money that you can use in (pretends to think of options) sustainable clothing.


Here are a few things you can do.

Swell Vision: 5 tips to save energy

Get a programmable thermostat. 🌡

You have many options and many of them are quite inexpensive. You can program them from your phone, keep track of the energy you use and save on your electric bills and you can complement the AC by using the ceiling fan. Which consumes much less.




Buy LED lightbulbs. 💡

They can be up to 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and they last much longer. Also, there are some models that help you connect them to the system and manage everything from your mobile phone. So you don’t have to worry about remembering if you switched off the bedroom light before going out and you can turn them on when you are coming back…especially if you had a few drinks and don’t want to trip over your dog’s water bowl.


Dishwasher. 🍝

Do you really, really, REALLYYYYY need to use it to clean two plates and a couple of forks? Can you just use it after having your friends for dinner and you don’t want to spend the weekend washing the dishes? Well, if you do so, don’t forget to turn off the heated dry. You can finish drying them with a dish cloth. It saves energy and gives your arms a nice tone.

It will also help if you wash it in the sink instead of the dishwasher.


Use the oven wisely. 🍗

We love to cook and an important part of cooking is to periodically check on how everything’s going in there. You can just turn on the oven light for a few seconds. You don’t need to have the light on as if you were showing a piece of art in the museum. However great it might be!

Also, if you need to open the oven to check, remember you don’t need to hypnotize that chicken. It’s already dead. That’s why you’re cooking it. So just quickly peek in on it. This will also help your meal cook faster, as each time you open the oven door you reduce the temperature by 25 degrees.


Cold wash. 👖👚👕

Try to wash your clothes with cold water. There are certain times when you need hot water because you spilled some salsa on your shirt. So the full advice would be: “Use cold water and clean the salsa with a piece of bread, instead of licking the plate.” 

These are a few things you can do that help lower the energy consumption in your house without sacrificing cleanliness. You can still enjoy clean clothes and save some money to invest in yourself. 

You don’t need too much light to shine. You can totally shine in a sustainable way by leading an eco-conscious life and wearing some sustainable clothing. 

Now THAT is something we can help you with! (wink, wink!).


So keep your home’s energy low and shine on!


Well, that sounded a bit "cheesy hippy". But that’s ok. Afterall, it’s still summer.


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