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Splendor in the Grass

If a blade of grass is cut in half and you looked at it with the naked eye, you'll see more green grass. But under a microscope, you’ll see tiny structures containing even tinier parts!      Every blade of grass contains millions of plump elongated cells call chloroplasts. Their job is to make food because grass can't hunt for its food.  Their secret recipe is a combination of sunlight and carbon dioxide which creates energy!  A pigment called chlorophyll is what gives grass it's green color and you all know that green is our favorite color!!     But the "grass isn't always greener on the other side."  In the winter and sometimes even in the summer, it can turn brown or yellow.  That's because there...

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Why plastic is at the center of every climate change discussion

Today industries continue producing and pushing plastic as an option. However, the consumers are becoming more educated and concerned about the source - and the destiny - of the products they buy. This creates the perfect opportunity to reshape our relationship with plastic. If we stop buying it, we will be sending a powerful message to those industries that they might be willing to acknowledge.

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The Climate Change Stories You Didn't Hear

If you are an everyday reader of the news, it may surprise you to know that some important climate change stories came out over the past week, that never made their way to the front page of newspapers. There were three notable news items that we at Swell Vision want to share to promote education about sustainability.

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