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Climate Central - Picturing Our Future

"Climate and energy choices this decade will influence how high sea levels rise for hundreds of years. Which future will we choose?"- Climate Central The link below is a sobering scientific prediction of the effects of climate change on sea levels worldwide.  If we continue on our current path the earth will warm 3 degrees Celsius within a decade.  It features sea level visuals for 180 locations.  Search your location...https://picturing.climatecentral.org/ Picturing our future wordwide...https://youtu.be/D7tAKG1by2E  

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Netflix Upcoming Series: The Overstory

 The Overstory, based on the novel written by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Richard Powers, is currently in the development stages at Netflix with a target production date of 2022.  This climate themed novel tells the story of five trees that interact with nine Americans joining them all together to focus on the destruction of the forest confronting issues concerning the survival of these trees and mankind.    It is a must read before the Netflix series debuts!  If it was available as required reading when I was in high school, I would have embraced the "tree hugging movement" much sooner!  So step-out of life's hectic pace and settle in with a piping hot cup of Joe and The Overstory.  After...

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