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What Makes Wooden Watches So Appealing?

What Makes Wooden Watches So Appealing?

In recent years, wooden accessories have become trendy and refined, especially when adorned with accents and matched with other wooden accessories.

Bamboo accessories are appearing on everything from eyewear to belts, though the crowning achievement may be the wooden watches with a bamboo face and band. Fashion influencers all over the globe have embraced the stylish medium that is becoming a leading trend in the fashion industry.


Wooden Watches Are Eco-Friendly

Wooden watches are not only durable and beautiful, but they’re also environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. People who tend to be sensitive to specific metals are loving the eco-friendly wooden watches that have been impressing fashionistas and that are suited for any occasion. With so many different colors and styles, the natural wood material can look very appealing for casual wear and sophisticated when worn for formal events.


The Backpacker Tundra Watch


Since wood naturally derives from the environment, people may wonder how the manufacturing of wooden watches may be affecting our forests. The good news is, the material for bamboo watches comes from sustainable forests, meaning that a new tree is planted for everyone that is cut down. The wave of this green trend for accessories has become popular mainly because of the sustainable wood and the natural beauty that it gives off.


Wooden Watches Are Not Sensitive to Heat 

Wooden watches are not affected by the various temperature changes like metal watches are, and while we’re comparing the two materials, bamboo watches happen to be much lighter too. There is something about wood watches that feels so good when you’re wearing it because it’s comfortable and because it is a true display of nature’s beauty.


The Pearl Watch


Keep in mind that not all watches are made entirely of wood, and many are combined with other material but the part of the watch that touches your skin is made of bamboo. Even those that have stainless steel backs are covered with wooden flaps along with a wooden strap.


Wooden Watches, a Timeless Accessory

Watches are one of those accessories that people will never stop wearing and with so many high-tech and inventive watch designs, watches made of wood were a needed and refreshing change to watch collectors. Celebrities like Mariel Hemingway and Black Eyed Peas have been seen wearing wood watches, and while the watches come off as luxurious, the price tag isn’t. Wood watches are quite affordable, which has helped its broad appeal for shoppers who are looking for unique accessories that are stylish, durable, and low-cost.


Her: The Cowgirl Watch | Him: The Backpacker Obsidian Watch


Wood is a very compelling material, and people who wear wooden watches over time will begin noticing that the color tends to evolve. Watches made of metal start to wear down over time, whereas wooden watches essentially look better the longer you wear them. The natural oils of your skin personalize the wooden watch to its owner. This is another great way to own a watch that is truly unique and different than all other watches.

Your watch is not only a tool that tells time because it makes a statement about the person you are. Individuals who wear wooden watches are characteristically in tune with nature and have an excellent sense of fashion.

Anyone who wants to purchase a new watch should definitely consider the many benefits of buying a wooden watch. Not only are they economical, useful, and environmentally sustainable, but they are also an incredibly unique work of art that is personalized to each person who wears it.


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