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World Clean Up Day!

World Clean Up Day!

Act now to enlist your friends and family to participate in World Clean Up Day!

On Saturday, September 18th,  join the Swell Team and other organizations around the world by volunteering to participate in World Clean Up Day!   Whether you volunteer with a large group or decide to fly solo, we can all make a difference when it comes to taking care of our planet. 

Grab some recyclable trash bags, sunscreen, a reusable water bottle, your Swell Vision sunglasses, and maybe even one of our super cool hemp hats & organic cotton shirts and head out into the great outdoors.   

Snap some before and after #swellfies and tag us #YESswellvision, @swellvision, to show us your global housekeeping talents!  Plogging & TrashTag are great ways to make your clean-up efforts fun.  #Plogging is simply jogging and quickly stopping to pick up trash as you go.  #Trashtag is “before and after” pictures of the areas you've cleaned up

  • Clean up can be done wherever litter is found but be sure to follow safety precautions.
  • Contact your local authorities to ensure that you have permission to participate in this event and that it is a safe location. If children are pitching in be sure to away from roadways and always in your sight.
  • Check your local weather report a few days ahead of time.
  • The time of day and route should be mapped out ahead of time for your safe. Show the "locals" how much you care about like your neighborhood, local parks, beaches, streams and waterways.
  • Enlist a buddy to join you so you can watch each other's back.
  • Dress for the occasion…your Swell Vision gear would be a good option…but don't forget your mask, gloves, hand sanitizer and maybe some BBQ tongs for pick-up. And remember to dispose of your personal protective wear properly.
  • **only pick up litter that is safe to handle. Be careful when handling glass and if there is any question if an item is safe to handle…leave it alone.
After your housekeeping is complete be sure to wash your hands ASAP and carefully disinfect all the reusable equipment, like your BBQ tongs!!

Again, it would be really SWELL to see your volunteer efforts so remember to snap some before and after #swellfies and tag us @YESswellvision, @swellvision, to show us your global housekeeping talents!   Use the hashtag #swellvision - #YESswellvision - #swelllife - #swellfie -  #GreatGlobalCleanup - #TrashTag, or #Plogging.


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