Today is World Ozone Day!

The ozone layer acts like sunscreen for the Earth.  This thin shield in the Earth's atmosphere absorbs a type of radiation called ultraviolet radiation (UV light) which can penetrate the skin and damage the DNA molecules in both plants and animals. 

Ozone molecules are naturally destroyed and regenerated.  But the ozone layer is getting thinner due to chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs.  These CFCs rise into the stratosphere and gradually destroy the ozone layer.  Common substances that contribute to this destruction are refrigerants, solvents & propellants. 

Damaged areas of the ozone layer are referred to as "Ozone Holes", but they actually resemble a patch that continues to  weaken.  Research indicates that half of artic warming and sea ice melting occurred between 1955 - 2005 due to CFCs.   So if humans stop putting CFCs and other ozone destroying chemicals into the stratosphere, the ozone layer may eventually repair itself.  Please be aware and do your part to help heal the Ozone Layer.

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