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April Fools' Day!

April 1st is April Fools’ Day, one of the most widely celebrated non-religious holidays in the world.  The origin of this holiday is not clear. Some claim that it dates back to 1582 when the Council of Trent in France discontinued the use of the Julian calendar (which marks the new year with the spring equinox - around April 1st ) and changed to the Gregorian calendar which celebrates the new year on January 1st.  Those who didn’t recognize this change became the brunt of jokes that included placing paper fish on their back and calling them “poisson d’avaril or April Fish suggesting that they were an easy catch or gullible. The Romans celebrated it during the festival of Hilaria...

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MARCH 27, 2021 @ 8:30 pm On March 27, 2021 at 8:30 PM global skylines will go dark as millions of people in 180 counties turn off their lights as a symbolic gesture for Earth Hour, organized by WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature. Over the years, Earth Hour has been the force behind many global environmental achievements. In these unusual times, we have all reexamined our personal lives and a new approach will be taken to reevaluate this very important event, too!   A guided meditation will be led by internationally renowned yoga teacher and scholar, Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts.  Sometimes we have to slow down and recharge to speed up!  Please take this hour to reflect on your personal...

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Hemp: 5 benefits you should know if you like sustainable fashion.

HEMP. The WORD. So much fuss around it.  Is it legal? Yes? No? Kind of?  There’s been a lot of discussion and taboo around this.  This plant gives us so much to talk about that we could write an entire book.  But this time we are just going to approach its textile use, and why it is one of the most versatile materials that you can get for your sustainable clothing.  Here are five characteristics of the hemp fiber that make it a great choice for clothing.   Hemp is antimicrobial and mold resistant. Hemp fabric softens with time while maintaining its shape. Protects you from UV. Water-resistant. Strong natural fiber. 1. Hemp is anti-microbial and mold resistant. Heck yeah,...

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